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As Caravanners ourselves, we know how hard it is to make those beds in tight spaces and to keep them neat & tidy. With our zip sheets you will be covered and tucked away all night and the beds will be easily made during the day (making that holiday a little less stressful).

Easy to use. Hate making bunk beds in your van? Our Caravan Sheets will change that! Simply slip the fitted sheet over the mattress and you’re done! If you want to make bunk beds in the most effortless way possible, these sheets are for you.

Child-friendly. Unlike our Kids Zip Sheets that have zippers along the sides of the mattress, our Caravan bunk bed sheets have zippers on the top side for easier access. Boxy caravan bunks are no match against the ergonomic design of our sheets. Your kids will love zipping themselves up as it makes them think they’re in a sleeping bag !

Sleep through the night. Our sheets have been designed to help your kids sleep all night long. Keeping them tucked in, or zipped in, provides a cosy and secure feeling that will benefit your little sleeper. If you’re staying at a place with cooler temperature, simply lay an open sleeping bag or duvet on top to provide an additional layer of warmth. If you’re going to a place with a warmer climate, these breathable sheets are guaranteed to keep your kids feeling cool. This patented product will help your kids sleep better, so you can sleep better too.

We custom make too! Our bunk bed range was designed with the most common (but not normal) size to fit most vans on the market, however we understand that not all vans and bed sizes are the same. Simply fill out the custom enquiry tab with requested special size and colours available in the range and we will cost them up and the timing involved to produce.

Premium materials. These sheets come in comfortable and lightweight 100% cotton and 100% cotton flannelette fabrics. Durable YKK zippers will ensure they will last through years of road trips and adventures.

Convenient and low-maintenance. Owing to their lightweight construction, our Caravan Sheets dry quickly. Best of all, they are machine wash-friendly and require no ironing at all, so you can spend more time with your family and enjoy more of your road adventures together.