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  • Are these sheets or blankets?

    These are sheets. We use sheets because that way you can use them all year round. With Zip Sheets all you do is place your blankets or duvet on top of the sheets. Zip Sheets will help keep the top covers in place.

  • Are the zips all the way around?

    No – we place two 85cm long zips on either side of the top ends of the Cot , Boori Cot and Specialized Caravan bunk sets so that you or your child can zip them in and out and longer 165cm zips on the sizes Single up to Queen. We sew the base of the sheet to the base of the fitted sheet and same with the remaining sides. We leave an unsewn section on each side of 85cm zipped sets between where the end of the zip finishes and the bottom corner of the two sewn sheets and at base on 165cm zipped sets. This allows for ventilation.

  • What is the difference between the cot and larger sets?

    Other than zip lengths the Cot sets have press studs that allow you to short sheet the top sheet. There are several pre-set positions for you to use. If you have a younger child, you can fold the top sheet all the way down and click the top sheet into the first set of press studs. This will allow you to always place your baby/toddler at the base of his/her cot. As they get older, you simply adjust the press studs until you are using the full length of the top sheet.

  • How do you attach the top sheet to the fitted sheet?

    We sew the top sheet to the fitted sheet and double stitch it on.

  • How do you wash it?

    You wash Zip Sheets as you would the old type of sheets. Before washing, make sure the zips are done up. Then just put them in the washing machine and hang them on the line to dry. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY AS THIS MAY SHRINK YOUR SHEETS.