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Children nowadays are as busy as adults. They have household chores to do, a soccer game practice to attend at, ballet classes, piano lessons, school work, swimming, art classes and the regular visit to their Grand Parents every weekend.
Take time to stop dear parents, you might not be aware but your kids might have already been starting to experience stress at an early age because of the busy schedules they have to attend every day.
Are you clueless about the signs? How do you know if your child is too busy? Watch out for these signs.

1. You never see your child doing nothing.
Besides seeing them immobile in bed while they sleep through the night, you rarely see them doing nothing. Rerun the things that your kid did the whole week? Do you picture them on the go heading from one appointment to another to the point of not being able to see them sitting blankly in space? Well you do have a busy bee in the house.

2. Grumpiness to the point of acting like an old man
Yes, kids that are overscheduled can be grumpy most of the time. These are the side-effects of not being able to stop and take a breather and this is the way on how they are coping with the stress brought by the too many things that occupy their day.

3. His or her grades are dropping
When you see your kids getting up at 5AM just to finish an assignment that they did not manage to do the night before because of piano lessons, you basically have to start worrying. Too much extra-curricular activities might have already affected her or his schooling, one of the most important things that should be prioritized in your kid’s life.

4. Your car suddenly became your second home
Did your gas consumption suddenly go up? That simply means that you have been spending a lot of time on the road. When you spend so much time inside your vehicles on the move rather than your homes, then you better sit down and start re-arranging your priorities and schedules.

5. Both you and your child are exhausted and tired
Of course, parents are involved in practically every activity their child does. If you see yourself running around town doing this and that with your kids tagging along, then it’s a clear sign that you and your child are already overscheduled.

It is time to stop, relax and enjoy a good long sleep at night. Having extra-curricular activities with your kids is equally important for their growth and development but too much of it can be detrimental. It is time to cut out on some activities and inject relaxation into your kid’s everyday life. Besides bonding together with them and enjoying eating meals together as a family, sleep is a very important aspect in their lives.
Through our innovative product, Kids Zip SheetsTM, sleeping can be equally as entertaining and relaxing as your child’s favourite past time activity. During cold nights, they are provided with warmth and comfort all night long. No loose sheets and no blankets on the floor. During summer time, they are kept tuck in bed while air circulates at the bottom of the top sheet where an opening for ventilation is present. Kids Zip SheetsTM is their perfect sleeping companion all night and all year long.