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Discover the common causes of sleep problems in your child. Address this problems and help them cope with it

Children and sleep are the most common topics of research by men. I guess this in inevitable because as parents, we all want to give our children the chance to fully develop and enjoy the benefits of sleeping. And of course, we can never deny how fulfilling and how heart warming it feels to watch our children sleep every night.

Unfortunately, there are some factors that may lead to sleeping problems in our children. There are two most common problems in children when it comes to sleeping; insomnia and not wanting to sleep at all.


Insomnia is the inability to sleep on time. Normally, toddlers and young children will fall asleep in 1-20 minutes. Not being able to do so does not simply means that your kid has insomnia. Constantly not being able to sleep on time makes your child a candidate.

Refusal to go to Bed

As children grow, they tend to test the patience of their parents. They would like to know the limits of their parents. When parents refuse to give in to what their children wants, the kids end up having tantrums. These tantrums often lead to insomnia. If parents will give in to these whims, they would end up having a harder time getting their beds into bed. Some children are used to having a specific activity before going to sleep, like a parent reading them a story. Of course, time will come that story time before sleeping is not appropriate for kids especially if parents are trying to teach them more about being independent. Giving in to their pleas will just make things worse.

Here are some simple tips on how you can solve or avoid these common sleeping problems in kids.

1. Create and FOLLOW a sleeping schedule for your kids.

Young children will learn a thing or two if you strictly implement a sleeping schedule. They will tend to do their school work and other extra-curricular activities before the said time to be able to make the most of their day. Of course, if parents will allow extensions on their sleeping schedule, it will not help at all. Set different schedules during school days and weekends so your kids would not feel so choked up with these new rules.

2. Educate your kids with the importance of sleep.

Communication is really sometimes the key to achieve a good relationship with your kids. Tell them the importance of sleep and why you encourage them to have healthy sleeping habits. Doing so will make them realize that this is just for their own good and not just a rule you would want them to abide.

3. Provide them with a comfortable room to sleep at.

As children grow, they need to have a space of their own. How could your child sleep early if they share a room with a parent who brings work at home and works almost all night? Sharing a room with a sibling might also be inconvenient for your other child as well. Sleeping alone in a comfortable bed is sometime the key for a child to acquire good sleeping habits. Is your child having second thoughts about sleeping alone? Take time to create a room for your child that they would love to stay at. Get nice comfortable kid bed sheets like Kids Zip Sheets and have their rooms painted according to their favorite color. Having a sanctuary for your kids will also let them realize that they are indeed growing up and should start being responsible for their actions.

4. Encourage your kids to participate in physical activities during the day.

Kids do really have a lot of energy in them. Make good use of this energy and encourage them to do outdoor activities like sports. Exercise and physical activities will make your children stronger and it will help them achieve a sound and relaxing sleep at night.

5. Enjoy a light dinner and a warm glass of milk with your kids before sleeping at night

Providing your kids with a light meal at night and a warm glass of milk to end will keep them healthy but will also help in promoting better sleep for your kids. Just make sure they are fed enough so that they would not end up getting hungry in the middle of the night. Create a balance diet for your kid because this contributes a lot not only in solving sleeping problems but in their growth and development.