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Putting your child to sleep is sometimes the hardest chore every parent has to deal with during the earlier stages of their children’s life. Teaching them and establishing good sleeping habits in the early stages will help them develop into stronger kids, mentally and physically. Thus good sleeping habits are really important.

Here are some tips you can follow to establish good sleeping habits in your children.

  1. Keep within a consistent sleeping schedule

Your child’s sleeping time and wake up time should be the same every day of the week, school day or not. A consistent wake up time sets the stages or activities that they are about to face during the day and allows them to achieve an adequate sleep pressure to build up till later of the day. With this, they sleep quicker during the appropriate time they need to be in bed at night.

  1. Exercise daily

Exercise does not have to be a routine but your children need to be constantly exposed to physical activities during the day. This could be in the form of play or outdoor activities. The earlier you in still the importance of physical activities in your kids, the earlier they will be able to establish it as a daily life-long healthy routine.

  1. Avoid caffeinated products

Children should stay away as much as possible from caffeinated drinks like soda and coffee. If you can’t completely shy them away from these products, keep from giving your children away from these products during the afternoon and in the late evening. They can really get hyperactive after consuming these kinds of caffeinated items.

  1. Have an hour of quiet time before going to bed

Read a good book, or do a hygienic routine before going to sleep. The more constant you do these items, the more your kids will be able to associate these activities with sleeping and bed time. As they grow, this will become a routine for them.

  1. Improve your children’s bedroom environment

Kids can really be frightened at the dark. Having glow in the dark items in their room will keep them feel secure during the night. A relaxing setting that encourages sleep is also advisable in a child’s bedroom. You can opt for lilac bed sheets for girls and sky blue ones for boys to promote sleep. As they go, you can go for bolder colours like orange and bright blue. Kids Zip Sheets offers these colourful bed sheet colours that will enhance your child’s room and help keep it neat and tidy. Get one now from our collections page and see how your kids sleeping habits improve drastically.