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is considered as the most wonderful time of the year. Nothing compares to the sight of being able to see your kids play in the snow and create snow angels happily all day long.  But no matter how lovely this white snowy flakes looks like in the faces of our lovely children, being cold takes all the fun away not only in our kid’s faces but in ours too.

As much as we would love to enjoy the cold season, too much of it can bring unwanted colds and flu’s inside our homes. Luckily, there are many ways on how we can stay warm, especially our kids during this winter season. Even in the coldest of the season, we can still enjoy a warm and wonderful time with the people we love.

Keep your kids free from colds and flu’s during this cold season by following these simple and fun tips from Kids Zip Sheets.

1. Dress warmly

To be able to retain body heat and save our kids from getting cold, wearing comfortable and warm clothing is advisable. Layering can also do a lot of wonders especially if you would want to avoid too much exposure to cold. A warm hat, warm socks and ear muffs would also keep the tint in your little angel’s cheeks even when they are outside playing in the cold.

2. Tuck yourself in blankets

Keep blankets readily available inside the house so that your kids could simply crawl in their favorite corners and snuggle up tight inside these blankets. You could even place a duvet on top of your kid’s favorite Kids Zip Sheets to keep them warm during those ungodly cold hours. No need to get up to check if your kids are freezing in the cold at night.

3. Use a hot water bottle

Have a hot water bottle handy for everyone. Use it while sitting in front of the television, or you could keep one tucked inside your zip up sheets. You will surely have a warm night doing so.

4. Consume warm foods and drinks

A warm glass of milk before going to sleep and soups prepared for your kids after they arrived at school would be a lovely and a healthy way on how to keep your kid’s body temperature in check while giving them a healthier does of vitamins and mineral in the process.

5. Cuddle up with your kids

Bond together over a warm fire in your living room’s furnace, watch a nice movie and just enjoy cuddling your kids while sharing a bowl of warm soup or a hot glass of chocolate drink and marshmallows. Hugs and kisses can really do a lot of wonders during these cold winter nights.