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What is Kids Zip Sheet and how did it all began? Here is our story.

Parenthood can sometimes be one of the craziest professions there is, but it is also one of the most fulfilling job in the world. Yes, I treat parenthood and being a Mum as a 24/7 job. Something I love doing, no matter how demanding and sometime stressful it can get.

As a parent, my priority has always been the safety and welfare of my kids. If I could give them the best, I might as well do everything I can to provide them with what they deserve. Of course I had my ups and downs as a Mum, how frustrating babies could be. Guessing about how they feel and what they need can sometimes get the best out of me, but seeing them sleep and smile like angels erases all those silly and frustrating experiences that comes with being a Mum.

Sleep is indeed a very important factor that affects the growth and development of children. Not having enough of it is detrimental to their health and development. I took this seriously. Every night, I always worry about my kids. Having nightmares and getting cold throughout the night were just a few of the things that bother me. As a Mum, I could not imagine getting a relaxing sleep while my kids are freezing alone in their rooms.

This was the main reason why I had to visit my kid’s rooms every night – several times a night. It was a tiring routine, most especially when I’m exhausted with household chores and other errands to attend to. It allowed me to sleep and hour or two at night and then eventually wake-up again to check on them. Picking up sheets on the floor has been a battle for me since then.

I wanted to get rid of this routine; not because I had enough of having to pick up sheets on the floor every morning (maybe I did after all). I wanted to do something to give my kids what they deserve – a long, relaxing and undisturbed sleep.

This is where the idea of Kids Zip Sheet came from. After brainstorming with my husband and carefully thinking about what I want my kids to have, we came up with a product – a bed sheet that will stay put no matter how much your kids kick at night, a bed sheet that will keep them secure and on the bed, all night long (no more sudden thuds caused by the kids falling out of their beds.

Then came the vision, (yes, we certainly do get visions once in our lives) the vision that I can make a difference. I could share this genius innovation to Mums and parents like me who wants nothing less but the best for their kids. Lifting the burden of having to worry all the time about their kid’s safety and comfort at night became my mission, Kids Zip Sheets’ mission.

And as the saying goes, the rest was history.