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Kids Zip Sheets are designed to keep you in bed so you don’t fall out!

When I first created Kids Zip Sheets for home I had my children test them for about 6 months before I decided to go into the business of selling them.

They were amazing! They kept the top sheet on all night preventing my children from catching a chill and I felt a lot more relaxed knowing that they were asleep upstairs and I didn’t have to run up and check on them  3-4 times a night.  My eldest was a restless sleeper from birth so I was interested to see how and if Kids Zip Sheets would work with her.  She use to do 360’s in her bed and all sorts but once we started using Kids Zip Sheets that all stopped and she slept normally and has done so every since.(vertically and the right way up like us adults).

There were 2 times prior to Kids Zip Sheets that Lia had fallen out of bed.  It was our fault, we thought she’d outgrown the safety railing so we took it away and sure enough she fell out one night and bumped her head on her side table.  I designed Kids Zip Sheets with the sole purpose of keeping the covers on but I realised that they also had a dual benefit of preventing the kids from falling out because once you zip in, you’re in.  No one wants to find their child lying on the floor like this one below.

baby falls out1

I wouldn’t like to test the full force of her body up against the inside now (she’s turning 7) (although I’ve seen my son do this) but It’s certainly an extra safety measure and I know that without Kids Zip Sheets my son would be sleeping more on his floor than on his bed.

WS plain blue set1