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It has been more than a year since I have started the Kids Zip Sheets. I had learned so much during the journey and I am continuously learning new things daily up to now. The level of excitement I have for the company also continuously grows. As much as I could, I would want to expand the business and share the Kids Zip Sheets experience to every household there is around the globe.

Raising kids is equally exciting and challenging. Seeing these beautiful angels grow as individuals is also both entertaining and scary at times. Having Kids Zip Sheets around really helped me a lot. It reduced the worries I had to face every night. Now I could spend my extra time bonding with the kids every morning instead of having to pick up their kicked of sheets and fixing their bed. Some may see this change as insignificant, but for a Mum who is afraid to waste precious moments she could have spent with her kids, this is very important. The time I saved from having to wake up every night to cover up my freezing kids and night and the time I save from not having to spend an hour doing their beds in the morning is extra time I have for doing things with them. Things they could cherish as valuable memories all throughout their lifetime.

I want to share that feeling and that chance to save time to other Mums and Dads out there. This is why I have launched the Kids Zip Sheets referral program. Every time a customer managed to invite/refer a friend to our website to buy a Kids Zip Sheet, they get closer to the chance of having a FREE set for their kids as well. Not all parents have the luxury of having spare money to buy these kinds of products for their children. But for those who have the capabilities to share and influence people to support this kind of product specially made for children, having one for themselves is possible.

Simply refer 5 of your friends or help us generate 5 product sales through blogging, promotion or simply sharing the benefits of the Kids Zip Sheets to your friends and you’ll get a FREE set for your little angel too. A detailed instruction of this program is posted on our Facebook page.

Spread the love and share the gift of sharing everyone!