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As a new Mum (2008) I quickly became instinctively aware of ‘dangers’ all around me that previously, before children, I would not have noticed.  These ‘dangers’ were generally situations that could potentially end badly and be harmful to my child.  It was like looking through a new pair of eye.  I drove my defensively, I looked for dogs off leashes… I’m sure many of you have gone through this also.

When it came to sleeping, the first 6 months were a no brainer.  I had this swaddle velcro number that wrapped her and was fantastic.  But as she grew and wanted the freedom to move her hands and feet around I realised that a normal fitted and flat sheet for a cot were a safety hazard.  I tripped off down to my nearest baby store and purchased one of those sleeping bags for babies.  It was $89.95 approx. 6 years ago.  I was a little taken back by the price but proceeded to purchase it as the safety aspect was far more important.

6-9 months later, my daughter had grown like a weed and her legs started to buckle in her sleeping bag.  The trouble was, I could find a bigger sleeping bag to replace it – there just wasn’t any.  I bit the bullet and started using the cot sheets.  Of course they never stayed on and there were a few occasions where I had gone it to check on her and wondered how she’d managed to get herself in such and awkward position all tangled up inside the top sheet.   I hadn’t designed Kids Zip Sheets at this stage – that was still to come but I wish I had it would have saved me a lot of worry.  The top sheet always ended up down the bottom of the cot or was tangling Lia up like a pretzel.  Lia is an active sleeper so I was always concerned that she’d tangle herself in the sheet and suffocate.

Kids Zip Sheets are designed for toddlers and young children.  You can short sheet the top sheet by folding in back onto itself.  You then secure the top sheet in position by using the press studs.  There are several press stud positions to choose from depending on the desired length.  This way you can ensure the top sheet is never longer than the length of your child.IMG_3604IMG_3603