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Mums nowadays need to be wise in spending the house budget. Prices are continuously on the hike, our salaries on the other hand, gradually grows. Raising kids is quite costly, especially if we really want to give them the best things life has to offer. So it is really necessary to have a hefty fund reserve for the needs of the kids.

According to, a middle-income family spends $458 a week in raising a kid. These amounts have increased by more than 50% since 2007. Raising two kids till they reach 21 will cost you around $800,000. Imagine where you’ll be getting that amount for your kids with your current meager earnings right now. It is no surprise why some Mums are venturing into businesses or other potential sources of income just to add up to the household budget and keep the money coming. With the motherly instinct wanting to give your kids the best things in life, you’ll be really pushed to cut strings and go frugal just to make the ends meet or just to be able to provide a good life for your children.

As a businesswoman, the most common initial reaction that I get from my customers is that the Kids Zip Sheets products are quite costly. Most of the things that comes durable, specialized and of high-quality really do come with a high price tag. But since I’m just like a Mum just like most of us here, I to can relate with your wants to give your kids the best comfort you can. That is why Kids Zip Sheets offers a Layby option for Mums and Dads out there who wants to give their kids a warm and secure sleep at night without hurting the family’s budget. Just go to our websites’ collection page, click on an item you want, go to the checkout page and then click on the Layby option. Now it is possible to give your kids a safe and warm sleep at night and get the chance to enjoy not having to wake up several times at night to check on your kids.