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We use one third of our lives sleeping so investing in comfortable and reliable bed sheets is a must for any household. It can be challenging at times, when it comes to choosing the perfect sheets for your bed at department stores and sometimes online. It is no surprise that even with the increasingly wide selection of fabrics, prints and bed sheet styles to choose from, a lot of Mums and Dads out there still find this activity ‘a challenge’. Kids can sometimes be the hardest to satisfy and of course, their safety and comfort should be always kept in mind.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for bed sheets for your kids.

1. Always keep in mind the bed sheets’ fabric content

Looking for all-natural fabrics such as 100% cotton and sateen sheets is a must.  This type of fabrics allows the body to breathe and with proper care, these sheets will last for a long time. Bed sheets created from this type of material can be used all year round. A simple duvet cover can provide that extra warmth and comfort during cold and rainy seasons. These type of bed sheets maybe costly for some, but in time, they prove to be worth the investment.

2. Texture matters

The way your bed sheets were created dictates the texture that they possess. Cotton percale has a crisp, clean and neat finish while cotton sateen has a more fluid and satin-like texture. Flannelettes on the other hand have a soft nap feeling into it making it ideal for winter use.

3. Know thy thread count

Thread count is as equally important as the fabric content and the construction of your bed sheets. A very high thread count offers a more luxurious feel for your beds but may prove to be costly. Find a bed sheet set that you feel best to you at a price you can afford.

Here in Kids Zip Sheets, we provide you with different bed sheets that suit your needs and preference. We have white sets that are available in high thread count cotton, flannelettes perfect for those cold nights, cotton sheets and cotton/polyester sheets.

Kids Zip Sheets commits to provide you with the most comfortable and most suited bed sheet for your children’s needs. It is creatively innovated to provide not only to provide a comfortable sheet for your bed but to serve as a secure sleeping support for your children. With its ‘zip up feature’, your kids are tucked in comfortably at night, no slip-ups, no sheets on the floor in the morning.

Invest in a Kids Zip Sheets now and see the difference!