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Halloween is just around the corner and children are both excited and slightly horrified with the coming of this holiday season. Making them sleep in their own bed and own room during this night can sometimes be a heavy task to do. Tire them out with some spooky fun games to have them sleeping comfortably and nightmare free on their beds this Halloween night. Of course, with Kids Zip Sheets bed sheets securely attached to their beds, no child will lack sleep during this fun-filled day.

Scary stories and lifelike costumes of other kids and adults outside the house might scare your kids and deprive them from sleeping peacefully in their own beds during Halloween night. Everything around them is intended to scare and frighten, just like the rerun movies on cable as well as the trick or treat kids running along the neighborhood.

Here are some ideas on how our little ones can enjoy during this season before bedtime.

A spooky film – but not too spooky of course or you might have a slumber party with your children at the master’s bedroom. There are movies that are spooky but are ideal for kids as well like Casper, Frankenweenie and Paranorman.

Apple bobbing – This is a Halloween classic game and very easy to play. Just fill a bowl with water and let apples float on it. Let your children try and catch them with their teeth. Remember, no hands allowed!

Trick or Treating – Another classic Halloween activity kids really look forward to during Halloween. Play dress up and wear Halloween costumes as well as you accompany your kids to your neighbour’s homes. Be sure to check out with your neighbor first because they might be in costumes that might be too scary for your kids.

Creepy meals – Test your creativity and prepare creepy meals for your children. Eyeball pop cakes would seem to be fun for older kids while Halloween inspired cookies and cupcakes would be ideal for your little toddlers. Remember not to feed them with too many sweets because they might end up getting hyperactive later. Spider shaped chocolates are also a great idea for treats. You can even have them help you as you prepare these one of a kind dishes.

Treasure Hunt – When your children are too scary to go outside to enjoy trick and treating with other older kids, keeping them at home could sometimes be boring. Add up excitement even indoors by preparing ghoulish snacks for them and hiding these goodies around the house for a treasure hunt! You can even have toys secretly hidden in cupboards and kitchen sinks as well. Remember to lock cabinets with house chemicals to keep your children away from them.

With all these activities, your kids will definitely have a lot of fun during Halloween and would be too tired to throw a fit before going to bed. Rest assured, with Kids Zip Sheets, your children will snooze away all night long with sweet dreams this Halloween, October 31st.