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Now that you have finally bought your Kids Zip Sheet and your kids are already starting to enjoy a warm and relaxing sleep at night, how can you possibly make this blessing in your life last?

There are two things that you would want to sustain when it comes to your Kids Zip Sheets;

1. Maintain the colour and print of your Kids Zip Sheets

2. Keep the zippers in good working condition

The zippers of these bed sheets are lasting. Kids Zip Sheets uses YKK zippers, so the durability and longevity of these kinds of zippers are considered world-class. Thus as long as you use the zippers properly, your children will definitely outgrow them.

As for the fitted sheet and the bed sheet itself, proper washing of these sheets is necessary. Of course, getting an extra set of Kids Zip Sheet so that your kids will still enjoy a good night sleep even when the sheets are in the laundry is ideal. Here are some tips on how to properly wash your Kids Zip Sheets.

1. Avoid mixing your sheets with other laundry items, as much as possible wash them separately so that accidents like colour stains would be avoided.

2. Use mild detergents when washing your Kids Zip Sheet to be able to retain its colour

3. Avoid bleaching your sheets. If your sheets have stains on them, use bleach that is safe for coloured items.

4. Air-dry your sheets, tumbling them dry will make them shrink and they will not fit on your mattress anymore.

5. Change your sheets more often to avoid getting your Kid Zip Sheet worn out. Changing them once a week is advisable so you’ll definitely need an extra sheet to be used when the other one is in the laundry.

Treat your Kids Zip Sheets as an investment, take good care of them and they in return will take good care of your children too. You’ll also get the chance to enjoy a worry-free night when you know that you have Kids Zip Sheets to take care of your kids.