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Some of you may have read how Kids Zip Sheets have started, some may not, but to make a long story short, it was created out of my love for my children.

Being a working mum is not an easy task, a lot of women out there can relate to this. There may be days that being stuck with your kids at home seems a very tiring and exhausting day, but in reality, at the end of the day, their safety, welfare and happiness is always what matters. This is how parents start and end their days, looking after the welfare and happiness of their kids.

Kids Zip Sheets for me is the bed sheet version of myself. As much as I would like my child to sleep with me and spend the whole night cuddling each other, there will come a time that they will grow, and will start following a path of their own. Parents can do just as much to guide and be with their kids, but we can’t always be by their side.

That is why I created Kids Zip Sheets, to be there for my kids most especially during the times when they have to be by themselves and work towards gaining their own way to independence. I have placed a little bit of me, their Mum in the sheets that I have made. The sheets are equally soft, warm and durable, just like the way us Mothers are, caring and loving at all times. I have them made in different colours, just to add a redeeming personality to every room they manage to be in.

So why do I love Kids Zip Sheets? It is simply because it is made out of eternal love, this is what I am made of.