About Us & Our Kids Zip Sheets


The original Kids Zip Sheets was born during a camping trip in 2011 when Carla Lorenzi and her husband designed a secure cover to prevent their children from kicking their sheets off and getting cold. The initial design was made from a single sheet with releasable clasps that clipped onto the camping stretcher beds, with the sleeping bag placed over the top like a duvet. It worked like a charm and prevented the kids from kicking them off and kept them warm all night. After making a few modifications so that the sheets fitted securely to a bed mattress, Kids Zip Sheets was conceived and ready for home use in 2013.



The business grew in Australia and expanded into New Zealand, Canada, Europe, the USA and UK.

Liesa and Anthony Davis purchased Kids Zip Sheets in 2018 after a long search for the right business and with four children of their own immediately saw the benefits of the product. They have continued to develop the product range and international expansion. With growing interest in the products from older people and people with disabilities, they changed the name to Zip Sheets to reflect this wider appeal.

Media Coverage


Kids Zip Sheets premiered on Australian Channel 10’s "The Living Room, with "Miguel gave a stellar performance dressed up in a tiger onezy posing as a restless sleeping 5 year old. The audience voted it HOT, and Amanda Keller called the product "genius".

Kids Zip Sheets was featured on North America’s longest running daytime show for women, Cityline, hosted by Tracy Moore.  In this episode designer Jackie Glass provides tips and tricks for keeping kids rooms stylish and functional.

Kids Zip Sheets was recommended as the ideal product for transitioning your child to their first big bed. See full article here:  Struggling to transition your child into their first big bed?