Zip Sheets for People with Disabilities

Hopping in and out of sheets that zip is easy

Zip Sheets are preferred by people with disabilities, of all ages

Perfect Access


Our sheets that zip have been used by people with a variety of disabilities, and the feedback is amazing. The zips either side make it really easy for our customers to get into the bed, zipped in securley or left unzipped and used as top sheet.

Keep Covered


No more struggling with bedding that’s become tangled or thrown off in the middle of the night. The zips keeps them covered all night when zipped up, so they will stay under the sheets, and keep them warm and comfortable so they have a better night’s sleep.

Gain Independence

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Making a bed can be onerous if you have limited mobility. Our customers tell us that making the bed is really easy now, particularly for those with the inablity to tuck in the top sheet. Empowered and very proud to be able to do it by themselves and show their independence.


Looking to have your sheets funded by the NDIS?

We are not yet a Registered Supplier with the NDIA, however we can provide you with the required tax invoice if you have the funding with a Plan or Self Managed setup as our product is deemed reasonable and necessary on most plans. Simply choose your payment option ie Paypal , credit card etc or choose the NDIS payment button (for claiming before payment is made) An invoice is automatically sent with all payment options with your order confirmation email.

Here’s how to order

Plan Managed Process

(Payments managed by a Professional Plan Manager approved by the NDIS)

  1. Order the products that you require as you would with any online order. Once you've added your selections to your cart, click on Cart, then click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button.
  2. If you need to show the participant NDIS number on the invoice then add the number after their Surname in the "Billing Address" section in the checkout screen.
  3. After you fill out your address details and shipping options continue to payment and choose the "NDIS Plan Managed" button as the payment type (no payment required as yet with this option) .
  4. Complete order and you will then receive an email confirming your order with a Tax Invoice attached for you to forward onto your Plan Manager, Support Co-Ordinator or Care Worker to process.
  5. When the Plan Manager remits the funds to us at Zip Sheets, we ship the order directly to you, and provide despatch confirmation and tracking details with Australia Post.
  6. if you would like us to send it to your plan manager on your behalf then simply place your order requesting payment with the "NDIS plan managed" button as the payment option at checkout , complete the order then simply come back and fill out the "Plan Manager Form" below and we will happily complete the invoice and forward it on for processing by your plan manager

Plan Managed Form

Please complete the information below so that we can provide you with a tax invoice that meets the requirements of the NDIS.

"(Required)" indicates required fields

Participant's Information

Plan Manager's Information

Product Details

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Self Managed Process

(Participants who are NDIS self-managed and have an allowance for such products in their plan normally pay now and claim back through their plan)

  1. Select the products you require and add to your cart then proceed as normal to the checkout section.
  2. If you require NDIS participant name and number on your invoice then add their ndis number after their surname in the contact name on the billing details
  3. All orders placed (which ever payment option chosen) receive a tax invoice back to their email for claiming as soon as the order is placed).
  4. pay using the paypal , credit card , afterpay or direct debit options.
  5. if you would like us to add NDIS participant name and number details on the invoice then simply  place your order and then come back and fill out the "Self Managed Form" below and we will send you an updated invoice

Self Managed Form

After you've placed your order, complete the information below so that we can provide a tax invoice that meets the requirements of the NDIS. Your purchase order number is included in the order confirmation email.

"(Required)" indicates required fields

Participant's Information

Product Details

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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Our sheets that zip are available in 100% cotton and flannelette In a variety of gorgeous colours.

To fit most bed sizes up to King.

Finally We've All Stopped Worrying

“I am so delighted to have found your sheets. My 32 year old daughter has cerebral palsy. All her life she has tangled herself up in her sheets whilst sleeping, to the extent her feet turned blue stopping the circulation. Not only does she not get tangled in her sheets, the bedding stays in place all night without the worry of her getting cold. It has taken the worry away from me, the carers and my daughter. My daughter can finally have a full nights sleep. Thank you for this wonderful product. I wished I had found it years ago. We can't thank you enough.”

Teena Corcoran

Boambee East, NSW

Literally a Life Saver

“My disabled teen has a dangerous habit of wrapping herself (head included) tightly in sheets and blankets, which has landed a couple of fast trips to the hospital when she overheated or couldn't breathe... after long nights of checking her regularly I reached out to an online group of parents who referred me to Zip Sheets. I ordered two sets and the problem was solved! Literally a lifesaver!!“

Chantelle Shaw

Moresby, WA