Kids Zip Sheets

The best kids bed sheets ever invented

If you dream of your kids covered and sleeping peacefully through the night, our kids bed sheets are for you.

Safe & Secure

Our patented product effectively minimises the chances of your kids kicking off their covers, getting themselves tangled up, or falling out of bed.

Kid-Friendly Design

kids bedding

The top sheet is sewn to the fitted sheet at the base of the mattress with a colour matched zip down each side to keep your kids covered all night.

Ventilated Feet


The cot sheets have an unsewn portion on both sides. With other bed sizes, the vent hole is at the base, providing ample feet ventilation for those warmer nights.

Easy to Make


Our kids bed sheets make it fun, easy and safe for your kids to make their own bed. All they have to do is pull the zippers up – no tucking required. Their room will instantly lookneat and tidy.

High Quality Materials


Zip Sheets are made from high quality fabrics and materials including 100% premium quality cotton (300 thread count) and flannelette (180gsm). Each set of sheets comes with colour-matching heavy-duty,triple stitched YKK zips.

Easy to Care

Our kids bedding is durable and washing machine friendly. Simply throw them in the wash and dry according to instructions. You save room on your line too, as you hang out one set, not two individual sheets.


Kids bed sheets are available in 100% cotton and flannelette In a variety of gorgeous colours.

For cots, singles, bunks, doubles and queens.

Highest quality bedding

“These zip sheets are highest of quality bedding. It has been life changing as a parent and especially for both my young kids. Exceptional helpful service and speedy delivery. “

Lainey Kwok

Sunshine West, Vic

Keep us all much warmer

“So easy to do the bed with, less tucking and less sheets everywhere. They stay in place and keep the kids and us adults much warmer. Also take up less space in the drawers. Definitely would recommend. About to order some more.”  

Fiona Grima

Scotsburn, Vic

Perfect for making loft bed

“These are amazing! Just got our first pair for my daughter who hates losingher top sheet in the middle of the night. Perfect solution. Also she has a loft bed so I only have to put one sheet on now which makes it so much easier!!"

Simone Gore

Whitebridge, NSW

Snug as a bug in a rug

“Ella loves her zip sheets. I just wanted to let you know what a great product you have. We have had 4 nights of sleeping through the night with no waking up because she has kicked her rugs off. Now when I check on her (out of habit now not necessity) she is as snug as a bug in a rug. Thank you for a wonderful good quality product.” 

Kathy Galanis

Carlisle, WA

Much better sleep

“The delivery came in a couple of days and was so speedy! My 1.5 year-old used to kick her sheets of straight away and rolled around the cot all night. Now she stays under the sheets and mainly stays in the one spot and has a much better sleep because of it. You have a brilliant product! Thank you!“

Nicole and Maggie Gillett

Canley Heights, NSW

She’s out like a light

“Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for creating something so god sent! I was back to sharing my bed because she would kick of her blankets, swaddles would make her restless and I tried everything else under the sun. She’s now out like a light, snug as a bug. We will continue to recommend these to everyone we know! Xx”

Alyce Skeates

Aldinga Beach, SA