Seniors Zip Sheets

Zipper sheets to keep seniors safely tucked in

Proven effective by an aged care facility in minimising the risk of possible breaks

Reduce Injuries


Our Seniors Zip Sheets have been used by patients in aged care facilities, and the results are positive. No more waking up in the middle of the night and struggling with tangled sheets. No more falling out of bed, which can lead to injuries such as broken arms or hips.

Stay Warm


Zips on both sides provide a light restraining effect when zipped up, so they will stay on their beds, covered and not on the floor. Our patented design prevents the kicking off of the sheets, so they will stay warm and feel comfortable and have a better night’s sleep.

Designed for Adults

Our Seniors sheets come in sizes up to Queen bed, and are furnished with 165cm long zippers on either side to make it easy for everyone to bring their legs into the sheet before zipping themselves up.

Premium Quality

Our sheets are made from comfortable and lightweight 100% cotton and 180gsm cotton flannelette fabrics, double stitched for a high quality finish. The robust YKK zippers are easy to use and durable.

Easy Care

Quick and easy to remove, and completely machine washable. Simply wash and dry according to instructions. They take up less room on the line too, as you only need hang out one set, not two individual sheets.

Custom Sizing

ZipSheets Web-70

If you have a bed which is not a standard single, king single, double or queen, simply send us an email with measurements of your bed (length, width, mattress height), and we'll see what we can do to have a custom size made, and send you a quote.

ZipSheets Web-70

Available in 100% cotton and flannelette In a variety of gorgeous colours.

To fit most bed sizes up to King.