Seniors Zip Sheets Single Bed


Senior’s single zip up bedding Australia 

Simply unzip the top sheet by pulling up the 165cm zippers located full length on both sides, zip back up to keep securely covered or leave unzipped and use just as a top sheet during the night.

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Senior's single zip up bedding Australia

Simply secure the top sheet by pulling up the 165cm zippers located on both sides, to stay snugly tucked up in bed all night long.

  • The top sheet is sewn to the fitted sheet across the bottom, with a vent at the base to allow for some ventilation.
  • Ideal for those in their later years to keep them covered and minimise the chance of falling out of bed and possibility of suffering serious consequences.
  • The top sheet is also secured to the fitted sheet on both sides, with robust YKK zips.
  • The YKK zip is securely triple stitched in place, and won’t snag or break as flimsy zips do.
  • You can leave them unzipped and just like a open top sheet during the night
  • Easy to make in the morning by zipping up; no tucking required.
  • Our zip up bedding Australia is available in several vibrant colours, and in 100% cotton or 180gm cotton flannelette.
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