Helpful Home Bedding Aids for the Disabled

supportive bedding aids

Sleep is critical to our wellbeing. We spend on average eight hours a day asleep – a third of our life–so our beds need to be a place to safely rest. Living with a disability makes this even more important, particularly when:

  • getting into bed safely
  • securely turning in bed
  • comfortably remaining in bed for extended periods
  • getting out of bed safely

We’ve collated some of the most helpful and practical bedding aids for the disabled, so that the bed isn’t a barrier to safety or getting a good night’s rest.

Staying supported with the right pillows

disabled bedding aids

Having a supportive pillow is vitally important not just for the health of your neck and spine, but for getting a good night’s sleep.

Pillows should be breathable and hypoallergenic, to prevent a build-up of dust and dander. Padded pillows can provide that extra layer of comfort and softness, to help promote ease of sleep. Ergonomically designed memory foam pillows in particular can be a bedding aid for the disabled that provides that extra support needed to get a good night sleep.

Keeping warm and dry

Accidents happen and incontinence can be a challenge for some who live with a disability. Keeping your bed clean and dry isn’t just hygienic, but will save you money in the long run from damage caused by loss of bladder and bowel control. Good quality incontinence bedding such as waterproof mattress protectors are a practical investment that will ensure you don’t face a mattress replacement expense.

Electric blankets will help keep your bed warm, and can be controlled with traditional hand-held cabled switches, or even by phone app connected by Bluetooth. High quality electric blankets not only have safety controls like automatic shut-off, but also thermostat style features that will ensure a consistent warmth through the night.

Staying safe with guard rails and grab handles

Bed rails and grab handles can be an incredibly useful bedding aid for the disabled, not just for getting in and out of bed, but for preventing a roll out of bed during the night.

Grab handles can be fitted under the mattress on any size bed, making it a lot easier to make the bed around them. Ergonomically designed handles can also provide better grip for ease of transfer as well as stability when getting in and out of bed.

Staying secure and covered all night with zip up sheets

bedding aids for the disabled

Sheets that zip up on either side are a practical bedding aid for people with disabilities, and Zipsheet’s range of colourful cotton and flannelette sheets for both kids and adults, of any dependence level, will help keep them secure and safe in bed.

Having sheets with zips makes it easy for those in wheelchairs or on crutches to transfer onto the bed, swing into the sheet, and then zip it up for maximum comfort and warmth at night.

For those with limited mobility, making the bed is much less strenuous, with no tucking needed – simply zip and unzip as needed.

As the top sheet zips onto the bottom sheet all the way up to the pillow, there’s no danger of falling out of bed, even for the most restless sleeper.

No more tangled sheets, no more cold nights or restless sleeps due to your bedsheets and bedding; Zipsheets provides perfect access and independence, to help make bedding mobility-friendly for the disabled and abled alike.

Although not a Registered Supplier with the NDIS, Zipsheets Australia can provide you with the required tax invoice to enable funding, through either the Plan Managed Process or Self-Managed Process.

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