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Prevent your elderly loved ones and those with a disability from falling out of bed with our Zip Sheets for Aged and disability sets. These sheets have been proven effective by an aged facility in minimizing the risk of possible breaks. We can custom make to any mattress size and found terrific results not only for the elderly, but also for those with Special Needs.

Safe for the elderly and those with a disability. Our Healthcare range Zip Sheets are designed to boost the safety of the elderly and those with a disability by reducing their chances of falling out of their beds or getting tangled in their sheets. These zippered bed sheets come with zips on both sides that provide a light restraining effect when zipped up, so they will stay on their beds, covered and not on the floor.

Cosy and warm. Another benefit of our Healthcare Zip Sheets is keeping them covered preventing the elderly and those with disabilities from feeling chilly and catching a cold, thereby boosting their health and well-being. Our patented design prevents the kicking off of the sheets and removing it especially at night, so they will feel comfortable and have a better night’s sleep.

Designed for adults. These sheets come in sizes up to Queen bed and are furnished with 165cm long zippers on either side of the singles and larger sized sets so the elderly and those with disabilities can easily bring their legs into the sheet before zipping themselves up.

Proven effective.Our Healthcare Zip Sheets have already been used by patients of existing aged facilities, and the results have been positive. No more falling out of their beds, leading to injuries such as broken hips.

No longer with our Zip Sheets!

Comfy and Durable.To ensure the comfort of our elderly and those with disabilities, these Zip Sheets are made of either 100% premium cotton 300 thread count or the 180gsm flannelette range for the colder seasons.

Easy to clean and dry. Our sheets are machine wash-friendly and can be line or tumble dried as per instruction on label.