3 Top Tips for Buying the Right Kids Bedding

kids bedding

Buying the right kids bedding is about making the choices that will help them get the very best sleep possible. While quality is important, that doesn’t mean 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton is necessary.  Balancing quality with common sense, facts and affordability is what’s important.

Why sleep is so important for kids

Science tells us that kids need more sleep than adults in order to maintain their physical and mental health as well as ensuring a strong immune system, memory function, and better general behaviour.

The ideal amount of sleep by age for kids is:

  • 10-13 hours for under kids aged 5 and under
  • 9-12 hours for kids aged between 6-12 years
  • 8-10 hours for teenagers aged 13-18 years

That’s why choosing the right kid’s bedding is so important. 

But what is the right bedding? Let’s run through our top 3 tips for buying “right” for your kids.

Top 3 tips for buying kids bedding

Choosing the right kids bedding is about knowing what’s important and what to look out for. It’s a balance of quality, cost, health and ease of care, so that you can be assured that you’ve made the best choice for both your children and for you. 

1. Choose non-allergenic and toxin free

Organic bedding isn’t just a fad to get you to spend more – it’s based on the fact that no-one should sleep on anything that contains chemicals, pesticides and toxins. Believe it or not, cheaper bedding made from man-made materials like polyester is full of this. 

For young children with immune systems that are still developing, or who are immuno-compromised, cheap bedding can pose a real threat to their health. Organic just means natural – no added nasties – and doesn’t need to break the bank. 

100% cotton sheets are made from natural, organic plant-based fibres that are breathable, hypoallergenic, and durable. This makes them the perfect choice for kids bedding.

2. Take note of thread count

Higher thread count in sheets doesn’t actually lead to higher quality, but it will lead to higher cost – guaranteed. 

Choosing the right kids bedding is about finding the balance between cost and quality. A mid-range thread count is the right balance, especially since many higher thread count sheets actually compromise thread quality for quantity. 

3. Go for easy care

Kids naturally attract dirt which, despite our best efforts, will inevitably make its way into the bed. So, you’re going to want to buy bedding that’s easily machine washable in cold water, since they’ll be being washed regularly

Lower quality bedding just won’t stand up to frequent washing, and over time will pill and fray, leaving you needing to replace it sooner than you’d like. Look for sheets that will last the distance while being easy care. 

What about colour? That’s important too

Of course, style and colour are also important. That’s why our Zip Sheets range is so appealing to kids. Zip Sheets are available in a range of vibrant colours to match any room décor – whether classic or themed. 

Choosing the right kids bedding

Choosing the right kids bedding means understanding what bedding will provide your child a safe, healthy and comfortable night’s sleep. Here at Zip Sheets, we understand how important this is, and our 100% cotton summer sheets and 180gsm flannelette (brushed cotton) winter sheets tick all the boxes:

  • Non-allergenic and free of chemicals and toxins – because cotton is a natural, organic material, it’s free from the chemicals that man-made materials are created with and can still contain.
  • A good, mid-range thread count - our 100% cotton range of sheets comes in 300 thread count, for breathability and softness.
  • Machine washable and easy to care for – our Zip Sheets consist of a bottom fitted sheet that’s attached to the top sheet by a sturdy YKK zip that makes stripping the bed and remaking it so quick and easy! And, they’re fully machine washable.

For kids bedding that you can count on to last the distance, Zip Sheets is the best choice you can make to keep your kids healthy, happy and sleeping peacefully through the night.

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