Cooling Sheets: How to Keep Sheets Cool in Summer

cooling sheets

It can be hard to get a good night’s sleep in summer, with high temperatures making bed time hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. Your body needs to be cool so it can unwind for sleep, since a body temperature drop at night tells your body to release melatonin, the sleepy hormone.

Cooling sheets in summer can help you and your family get a good night’s sleep, and we’ve uncovered some nifty life hacks on how to keep your sheets cool in summer, to make those summer nights more restful for everyone.

Summer hacks for keeping sheets cool

1. Dig out the hot water bottle

Before you retire your hot water bottle for the year, try this great summer hack for cooling sheets. Fill your hot water bottle with cold water an hour or two before bedtime, and pop it in the freezer. Pull it out when you or the kids are ready for bed, and you’ll have an instant cold-water bottle to cool you down.

2. Freeze your sheets

Yes, that’s right – freeze your sheets, or even just your pillowcase. Just not for too long, or they won’t be overly comfortable to sleep in. 

Put them in an airtight bag – ideally, a zip lock plastic bag - and into the freezer to chill for half an hour to an hour before bedtime. Take them out and put them on the bed when you’re retiring for the evening, for a nice cool bed. They won’t stay cold all night, but should stay cool long enough for you to get to sleep.

3. Get the fan on early

This one may seem a little obvious, but it’s a good idea to mention it. Turning a fan on in a hot room won’t do much to cool it down in summer. Close the curtains and turn the fan on an hour or so before bedtime at night, to give it time to cool the room without the sun beaming in. Pull your bedding back, so the fan is helping to cool the surface of your sheets and pillowcase.

4. Invest in a good quality set of cotton sheets

Cotton sheets are the best option for summer bedding. Cotton is a natural fibre, which means it’s breathable, so you’ll feel cooler and less confined and sweaty in summer. The higher the thread count, the better the quality, and the more pleasant they’ll feel to sleep in.

Use Zipsheets for a good summer’s night rest

cool summer sheets

Cooling sheets in summer is easy with a few simple tricks and, when combined with investing in a good quality set of breathable 100% cotton sheets, will help your bedding feel more comfortable on those hot summer nights. 

The Zip Sheets 100% cotton sheet range, made from premium 300 thread count high-quality cotton, are available for adults and children and are ideal for keeping you cool in summer. 

  • Because the sheets zip up on both sides with a sturdy, triple-stitched zip, it’s easy to zip in and out depending on the temperature and your movement during the night. 
  • They have been specially designed with a small opening across the bottom stitched edge, so your feet stay cool.
  • Zipsheets are also easy and fast for making the bed, so they’re ideal to whip off and put in the freezer for a little while, then put back on the bed. As they’re attached, you only need to put the fitted sheet over the mattress.  Quick and easy to do even in tight spaces – like bunk beds.

Discover the benefits and comfort of Zip Sheets for yourself today, and check out our great, vibrant full-colour range of bedding suitable for all members of the family, no matter what the time of year.

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