Cotton vs Bamboo Sheets — Which is Better?

cotton vs bamboo sheets

One of the main contributors to a good nights’ sleep is the sheets you choose for your bed. If you’re choosing between cotton and bamboo sheets but aren’t quite sure which is better, we’ve put together the pros and cons of each, so that you can make a fully informed decision. 

What are bamboo sheets?

Bamboo sheets are made from bamboo fibre, via a manufacturing process which takes the raw fibre, chemically extracts cellulose from the pulp, and spins it into fibres. Common types of bamboo fabrics are modal, rayon and lyocell.

Bamboo sheets are considered more eco-friendly than many other alternatives in that they come from a sustainable plant-based source. However, while bamboo is a very fast-growing plant and easily renewable, the manufacturing process is not so environmentally friendly. 

What are cotton sheets?

Cotton sheets are the most common types of sheets you’ll find on the market, and are made using the natural fibres of the cotton plant. The cotton is gathered, cleaned and/or bleached, carded to align the fibres, and then woven and dyed into sheets. 

While this sounds eco-friendlier than the manufacturing process of bamboo sheets, pesticides are used by necessity in the growth of the cotton plant.

Cotton vs bamboo sheets

Both cotton and bamboo sheets are both a good choice for bedding, so let’s compare them side-by-side against some of the most important considerations:


Bamboo sheets are reasonably breathable, because bamboo is a natural fibre, so you stay comfortable while sleeping. On the other hand, cotton sheets are highly breathable due to being a natural fabric, and is moisture wicking. Many people consider cotton sheets to give them a much cooler sleep, which is beneficial in summer months.


Bamboo sheets are very durable, with the right care. And cotton sheets are also very durable and they become softer with age.


For bamboo sheets, it is dependant on the weave; however, most are considered soft and comfortable but some can feel rougher. For cotton sheets, most are very soft and comfortable; however, weave and thread count are key factors here.


Bamboo sheets can be more expensive than cotton ones. On the other hand, cotton is among the most affordable types of sheets, other than Egyptian cotton varieties which can be expensive.


Bamboo sheets are usually machine washable and dryable. The same goes for cotton sheets, in fact, it'll get softer with each wash.

So, which is better – cotton or bamboo sheets?

Because both cotton and bamboo sheets contain fibres sourced from plants, both are an eco-friendlier choice compared to synthetic, man-made sheets like polyester. For getting a good night’s sleep, which is the key consideration here, cotton sheets are often more breathable and comfortable, offering greater temperature regulation and moisture-wicking. They can also be more affordable than bamboo sheets.

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