How to Make Bunk Beds The Easy Way

kids bunk bedding

Bunk beds can make changing kids’ bedding frustrating and challenging, and making up the top bunk may feel like a feat of acrobatics at times. But, with the right type of bed sheets, changing the kids’ bunk beds doesn’t need to be a chore. Here are our top four ways Zip Sheets make bunk beds a dream.

Easy to make

Bed making is a breeze with Zip Sheets, especially for kids’ bedding on bunk beds. Because the top sheet is sewn onto the fitted sheet, its super easy to simply pop the fitted sheet on over the mattress. Then just cover with your duvet, comforter or blanket, and you’re done.

With the clever zip up sides, Zip Sheets make the morning bed making routine quick and easy for parents and kids alike. And they’re just as handy for caravan or camper van bunks, where you can give everyone comfortable beds with nice crisp cotton sheets or flannelette sheets on them, just like they have at home.

Looks tidy

Bunk beds can look messy when you’re doing your best to keep a bottom and top sheet tucked in separately, particularly if you’re trying to teach the kids how to make their own beds each morning.

Zip Sheets make bunk bed making simple for kids (and parents!) – simply zip up the side, and you have an instantly tidy bed. And, with our range of stunning colours, we have kids’ bedding to suit any bedroom décor.

Keeps the kids warm and covered

Do your kids toss and turn in the night, dislodging their sheets and blankets and making a bed nest for you to untangle each morning? Are they waking in the night, upset because they’re cold and can’t pull the sheets up properly by themselves?

cosy kids bedding

With Zip Sheets, it’s easy to safely and snugly secure your child in bed. Simply unzip the top sheet with one of the handy zips on either side, hop in, and zip up again. It’s just like sleeping in a sleeping bag, only more breathable with small openings for ventilation.

Your kids will love sleeping in their bunks with our range of kids bedding. Choose from 180gsm winter weight flannelette Zip Sheets to keep them warm and cosy in winter, or from our 100% premium quality (300 thread count) cotton sheets to keep them cool and sleeping easily through the heat of summer.

Easy care, easy store

easy care kids bedding

Kids’ bedding care and storage is easy with Zip Sheets. The top sheet and fitted sheet are sewn together so remain in one piece for washing, drying and storing.

To care for:

  1. Zip both sides of the Zip Sheets up and simply pull them off the bed in one piece.
  2. Pop them straight into your washing machine and wash them like any regular pair of sheets.
  3. Dry them (still zipped up) either on the line or in the clothes dryer.
  4. Once dry, fold and store them ready for their next use.

Shop Zip Sheets for bunk beds

Tired of bunk bed-making dramas? Shop now and make changing the kids’ bedding a dream with our premium quality cotton and flannelette Zip Sheets.

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