Flannelette Sheets: The Ultimate Guide

flannelette sheets

Research and experience tell us that it’s much harder to fall asleep when we’re cold. That’s why in the cooler months, there’s nothing better than climbing into a toasty warm bed. Flannelette sheets are the ultimate in luxury and warmth and are a must-have for kids and adults alike.

But why are flannelette sheets so warm? How do you care for them? And what are the benefits of these cosy and breathable bedding staples?

Read our comprehensive guide to flannelette sheets and get your questions answered.

What are flannelette sheets?

flannel sheets

Flannelette sheets are sheets made from a brushed cotton material that is soft to the touch, warm, and slightly textured. Flannelette bedding – also referred to as flannel sheets – are a wintertime favourite thanks to their heat-retaining properties. Do not fear, however. Flannelette is highly breathable and won’t cause you to sweat.

Why are flannelette sheets so warm?

Flannelette is so warm because its brushed, almost fuzzy texture has superior insulating properties. That means it traps warmth against your skin, keeping you toasty during the winter months. The heat-retaining properties of flannelette are so advanced that your bed will hold your body heat long after you’ve left your bed.

How is flannelette made?

Flannelette is not a new innovation – the fabric’s roots date back to Wales in the 16th century. The manufacturing process has evolved significantly over time, but the general technique remains the same.

Flannelette is created through a process called napping. Napping involves passing a fabric – typically cotton, wool, or a wool and cotton blend – over large metal cylinders with thousands of sharp metal teeth. These teeth catch small fibres in the fabric, pulling them gently out of the weave.

What are the benefits of flannelette sheets?

Flannelette sheets have several benefits:

  • Flannelette sheets can improve your sleep when the weather is cooler. Unlike standard cotton sheets, flannel sheets are instantly warm and inviting – no more icy feet or curling up in an attempt to avoid the bed’s cold spots.
  • Flannelette bedding can help you keep warm without switching on the heater, and this contributes to a better nights’ sleep. Heaters can be costly to run and dry out the air.
  • Flannelette sheets are durable and long-lasting. And, because they are typically only suitable for use in the cooler months, a quality set of sheets should last you season after season.
  • Flannelette bedding is the ideal choice for sleepers of all ages – kids, adults, seniors, and so on. You are never too old – or too young – to enjoy a soft, cosy bed!
  • Need caravan sheets? Flannelette bedding can add an extra layer of comfort when out on the road.

Will flannelette sheets make me hot and sweaty?


No! While flannel sheets are thicker than other cotton sheets, the weave is loose and breathable. This allows for ample air circulation and unmatched moisture-wicking properties. The perfect insulators, sheets made from flannelette keep you warm – not overheated, sweaty, and uncomfortable.

How do I wash flannelette sheets?

New flannelette sheets feel soft and plush, but after a few washes, they will feel even better. Washing your sheets is quick and easy. Simply pop them in the washing machine and select a hot or cold cycle. Hang on the line to dry or toss them in the clothes dryer.

If you are washing our zip-up flannelette sheets, we suggest zipping us the sheets before washing and drying.

Is flannelette more expensive?

The cost of flannelette sheets will vary between brands, but generally speaking, flannelette sheets cost no more than standard cotton sheets. Ideally, purchase a few sets of both flannelette and cotton sheets and swap as needed – you’ll stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Perfect.

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