Eight ideas for practical housewarming gifts

housewarming gathering

New home buyers love to host a housewarming party to showcase their new house to friends and family. As guests, it's accepted as common courtesy to give a helpful gift. Considering that homeowners often spend a fortune on their new abode, it's nice to receive items that can help furnish or decorate it, as well as practical things that they will need to make life more comfortable.

While it's always the thought that counts when giving gifts, there's only so many candles and bottles of wine that a person needs. If you're looking for a present that's functional, useful and something that your friends and family will find helpful around the house, then please read our ultimate guide to practical housewarming gifts for some great ideas.

Here’s our practical housewarming gift suggestions

1. Toolkit

With a new place often comes new furniture and a list of things which may need building or altering, so why not give them something to help them get set up.  A tool kit containing screwdrivers, pliers, measuring tape, allen keys and a variety of nails and screws will be very useful now and in the future.

2. Cast iron cookware

Every kitchen needs cast iron cookware, be it a pot or a pan. Speaking from experience, we never knew how much we needed a cast iron pot until we were given one. They're remarkably durable, easy to clean, and they conduct heat evenly — both on the stove and in the oven. We use it for baking bread, cooking stews, making soup, and frying everything. Give your friends and family something like this and they'll be sure to invite you over when they cook up a storm.

3. Indoor herb garden kit

An indoor herb garden kit is a great way to grow all the herbs and sprouts needed to add flavour and natural goodness to the meals they’ll be preparing in their new kitchen.  And they’re very easy to use; they just need to be positioned near a sunny window for the plants to thrive.

4. Cosy sheets

When moving into a new home, it’s lovely to dress the bed with brand new sheets.

Our exclusive range of zip-up sheets for both kids and adults serve as the perfect practical housewarming gift that they’ll really appreciate.  Available in a range of colours, in 100% cotton or flannelette, they make it super-fast and easy to make the bed, and they will keep the occupant covered and secure all night long.

air humidifier and diffuser

5. Coasters

Coasters are another practical gift and can in fact immediately be put to use during the housewarming party to protect the new furniture and benchtops.  It’s not something that people often will go out and by for themselves, but they are extremely useful and much appreciated.

6. First-aid kit

Although not decorative, a first aid kit is a “must have'' for every home. It’s often the thing that is forgotten on the long list of items that new homeowners need to buy, yet it’s the first thing that’s needed when someone injures themselves.

7. Humidifier

In winter months when we have fires or heaters on, a humidifier replenishes moisture in the atmosphere, and helps with respiratory issues and dry skin. They’re also useful for combating the dry air from air-conditioners in summer months. A great gift idea for those who live in dry climates.

8. Homemade herb-infused oils

For the personal touch, how about a homemade gift - like making herbal infused oils. Simply infuse a selection of herbs, or chilli, or garlic or other spices in a stylish bottle filled with quality olive oil.   They're easy to make, useful and they’ll think of you every time they use the oil.

Thoughtful gift-giving is everything

Selecting a practical housewarming gift is a wonderful opportunity to help your friends or family members celebrate and settle into their new place. Of course, out of all these gift ideas, we think our zippered sheets are the best of all!

If you put a little thought into what your housewarming hosts might need or not yet have, your thoughtfulness will be really appreciated.

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