Fitted Cot Sheets: The Ultimate Guide

Baby cot fitted sheets

Newborns, infants and toddlers require a lot of rest. Doctors and health experts alike state that young children in the early developmental stage need anywhere from 14 to 17 hours of sleep per day. As a result, children spend a lot of time in their cots, so it's only natural that parents want their children to have the best cot sheets and bedding.

But how are fitted cot sheets different from regular bed sheets? Do you need to care for them differently? And why is the fit so important?

Read our guide to learn more about fitted cot sheets.

What are fitted cot sheets?

Fitted cot sheets, or baby bed sheets, are a must-have for your baby's cot. Not only does it preserve the longevity of a cot mattress, but it also ensures that your child sleeps comfortably during daytime naps — and throughout the night. Cot sheets come in a variety of different materials — cotton, polyester, flannelette, and there are even waterproof ones. 

Cotton ensures breathability, flannelette guarantees maximum warmth, and waterproof fabrics protect the cot's mattress. However, it's most important that the type of fabric agrees with your baby's sensitive skin above all else.

Why are fitted cot sheets so important for babies?

Fitted cot sheets

While fitted cot sheets do ensure that your little one sleeps comfortably, that's not the only reason why they're first choice. Any excess pillows, toys or even loose bedding in a baby's cot could lead to suffocation. That is why a baby’s sleeping area should remain minimal and clutter-free. It's also crucial for parents to make sure that the fitted cot sheets are the appropriate size for their child's current mattress.

Which fitted cot sheet should you consider?

There's no 'correct' type of fitted cot sheet. Fitted cot sheets made of natural cotton appear to be the most popular choice among parents. Cotton is relatively breathable, long-lasting, and a reliable option for children with sensitive skin.

During the winter, flannelette fitted cot sheets are an excellent choice for your kids. This material retains heat well, ensures breathability and is soft to the touch. They're also a great option if you're worried about cotton sheets shrinking in the wash. Unlike cotton, flannelette is a non-shrinkable material. And if you'd like to protect your sleeping baby and their mattress from little accidents, waterproof fitted cot sheets are worth looking into.  

How to care for fitted cot sheets?

Cot sheets are easy to clean and the majority of them are machine washable. While using either hot water or cold water is suitable, it's important to keep in mind that children spend a lot of time in contact with their cot sheets. Much like baby clothes, it's advisable to consider washing children’s fabrics in hot water — to get rid of any harmful bacteria and germs.

Once washed, all you need to do is place them in the clothes dryer or let them air dry on the clothesline. Fitted cot sheets don't take up a lot of space, moreover, they dry quickly — due to their small size.

Benefits of cot sheets with zippers

Fitted zipper cot sheets

If you're looking for cot sheets that stay in place all night long and keep your little one covered, then the best is one where the top sheet is secured to the fitted bottom sheet with a zip. Another key benefit of fitted zipper cot sheets is that they're easier to remove when it’s time to wash them. Considering that baby sheets should be changed twice a week, this feature does come in handy.

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