Queen Bed Sheets vs King Bed Sheets – What’s the Difference?

King bed sheets

We all know that getting a good night’s sleep is beneficial to overall health and wellbeing, but many people don’t know that the bedding you choose contributes towards this. When choosing your bedding, it may seem obvious that you need to choose sheets that match the size of your bed, but what even is the difference between queen bed sheets and king bed sheets?

Queen bed vs king sized bed

There isn’t a massive amount of difference between a king sized mattress and a queen one; in fact, it all just comes down to width.

While the length remains the same, a king-sized mattress is 30cm wider than a queen bed, and because sheets are designed to be slightly larger than the mattress being covered, this means a typical king bed sheet is roughly 32cm wider than your average queen mattress. This is why it’s important to purchase king bed sheets to fit king sized beds, and queen bed sheets to fit queen sized beds - the size difference is enough that neither will fit the other well.

Choosing the right bed

If you’re stuck deciding whether to buy a king or queen sized bed, it will come down to comfort, room space, and how much room you need if you’re sharing your sleeping space.

King sized beds are great for co-sleepers that like to have a bit more elbow and knee room in the bed, especially if they’re side sleepers. However, a king sized bed in a small bedroom can make the room feel very small and cramped - the dimensions of a king sized bed is 183cm x 203cm - so that needs to be factored into your choice.

Queen sized beds are the compromise, if you’re a bit limited on space and manoeuvrability in your bedroom. While smaller than a king, a queen size beds’ dimensions are still 153 x 203cm - that’s over a metre and a half worth of sleeping space.

Choosing the right sheets

Once you’ve chosen the bed, next is the sheets. Choosing the right sheets - ones that will help you get a good, restful nights’ sleep - comes down to a few factors, including:

  • Material - cotton sheets are the coolest and most comfortable sheets for summer, while flannelette (brushed cotton) are the snuggliest for winter nights
  • Type - a fitted sheet for the bottom will fit well over the mattress and won’t ride up during the night, while a flat sheet on top will allow you room to move in your sleep
  • Care - machine washable, easy care sheets that you can quickly wash and dry makes life much easier

When choosing queen or king bed sheets, opt for a balance between quality and cost - buying bed sheets because the label boasts a higher thread count than another isn’t necessarily the best gauge of comfort and durability.

Where to buy the best bed sheets around

Here at Zip Sheets we understand the importance of balancing quality with cost, and how critical getting a good nights’ sleep is. Our range of 100% cotton single, queen and king bed sheets are perfect for warmer nights, while our snuggly range of 180gsm flannelette sheets are just what you need for those colder winter nights. Choose Zip Sheets for the best sleep money can buy.

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